About Russell Biotech

Russell Biotech Inc. is engaged in the development and commercialization of a unique microparticle separation technology for uses in the research, diagnostic and therapeutic marketplace. Applications include cell separation and protein and nucleic acid purification/isolation.

Russell Biotech's initial products include: Quick-Sep CD15 particles used to rapidly eliminate granulocytes prior to immune function analysis by ELISPOT and the use of Quick-Sep CD61/41 particles to rapidly remove platelets directly from whole blood prior to centrifugation on Ficoll yielding platelet free Mononuclear cells for immunological research.


Thomas Russell, PhD Founder, CSO

Thomas has over 30 years experience in the field of cell separation using microparticle technology. Prior to founding Russell Biotech, he was Vice President of Reagent Development at Immunicon Corporation. Prior to Immunicon he held numerous positions during his 14 year tenure at Coulter Corporation including Director of Research and Technology. While at Coulter he was a co-inventor of a cell selection procedure for therapeutic applications and was a co-inventor of Coulter’s Q-Prep technology that revolutionized sample processing for Flow Cytometry. The product became the industry standard.